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Search The Database

One of the important thing you may use is the search especially with huge games collection. The Launcher contain 2 kind of search: Quick search and the Advanced Search.

The Quick Search:

  • In the main toolbar of the Launcher window, enter the game name you want to search for in the small text box (See Navigating), wait for few seconds then the search result should be appeared.
  • In this mode, the search parameters are: Search for game name, using Contain condition, Match case is off and Match word is off. For details about these parameters see below.

The Advanced Search:

Search for games using more advanced options. To search using this mode:

  1. Click on Find button on the toolbar of the Launcher window (See Navigating).
  1. The search window should be appeared, in the Find what field, enter the search word. It may be a name or number depending on what you are looking for.
  1. Enable the Case sensitive if you like to use Case sensitive in search. ("Car" and "car" have different mean if Case sensitive is active otherwise it will be treated the same)
  1. Search by: choose the column you want to use for search. It can be name, board mapper, board type ....etc.
  1. Condition: choose the search condition. Note that the condition get updated depending on the Search by selection. For example, if you choose Search by name then the condition will be for texts, while choosing Search by board mapper will make the conditions for numbers. See tables below for condition types.
  1. Click on Find button to start the search.

Conditions for text search: (The search word is the word you enter in Find what field. The search target is the word that get searched)




 The search word should be contained in the target word.

 Does not contain

 The search word should not be contained in the target word.


 The search word should be as same as the target word. Just like equal mark.

 In not

 The search word should be different than target word. Just like not equal.

 Starts with

 The target word should be started with the search word.

 Does not start with

 The target word should not be started with the search word.

 Ends with

 The target word should be ended with the search word.

 Does not end with

 The target word should not be ended with the search word.

Conditions for number search:(The search number is the number you enter in Find what field. The search target number is the number that get searched)




 The search number should equal the target number. "= "

 Does Not Equal

 The search number should not equal the target number. "!= "


 The target number should be larger than the search number. ">"

 Equal or larger

 The target number should equal or be larger than the search number. ">= "


 The target number should be smaller than the search number. "<"

 Equal or smaller

 The target number should equal or be smaller than the search number. "<= "


Search never effect the database, also can be applied on filter chosen. See Navigating.