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Save Or Load State

During game play, you can save game state (status) and then to load it later. My Nes allows to save game state to different 10 slots, numbered 0 - 9 for each game. State files will be saved in the State Saves folder which can be changed in the Paths settings.

  • Go to State>Slot X to change the state slot to the number x. Also you can press CTRL + X while X is the slot number.
  • Go to State>Save State or press F6 to save the game state at selected slot.
  • Go to State>Load State or press F9 to load the game state from selected slot.


You can save state as file(s) and load them later any time, go to State>Save State As (CTRL+F6) to save game state to file. Go to State>Load State As (CTRL+F9) to load game state from file.