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 My Nes Help
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Allows to change My Nes general settings.

  • To open the preferences settings window, go to Settings>Preferences or press CTRL+SHIFT+R


  • Save SRAM at emu shutdown: indicates if the emulation core should save the SRAM memory at emu shutdown (or hard reset). The SRAM memory is used with some games to save game data.
  • Pause emulation on window focus lost: Indicates if the emulation should be paused when the main window focus get lost, generally when you select other window but My Nes.
  • Always try to run 'not supported mapper' games: if enabled, My Nes will attempt to run any game that marked as "not supported" with default emu configuration (mapper 0). This option is not likable since you may like to get notified when a mapper is not supported.
  • Show game known issues with My Nes: If enabled, My Nes may show warnings about games that have issues when attempting to run these games.
  • Snapshot format: allows to select the snapshot image format to use when you take a snapshot using F5 key.


To save and apply settings, click on the Save button. To discard changes, click Cancel button. To restore settings defaults, click Defaults button.