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Palettes used by nes emulation core to output colors. My Nes include 2 palette generators, NTSC palette generator and PALB palette generator. The NTSC palette generator is implemented as described at

There is no information provided about the PALB palette generator (as the date of this document). My Nes implements it as same as the NTSC palette generator with simple change: hue is rotated by 15° from NTSC for default.

My Nes implement the "emphasis" and "monochrome" effect, thus, the palette generated is 512 colors instead of known 64 colors palettes. The generators in My Nes able to generate the 512 colors palette. Also My Nes can use palette files of 64 colors palettes.

  • To open the palettes settings window, go to Settings>Palettes or press CTRL+SHIFT+P.

Palette to use tab:
Config how's My Nes should setup the palette.

  • Use palette generator: This option will force the emulation core to use on of the palette generator on game start.
    AUTO: means the emu will choose which palette generator to use depending on game region. This option is recommended.
    NTSC: the emu will always use the NTSC palette generator.
    PALB: the emu will always use the PALB palette generator.
  • Use palette file: This option will force the emu to use a palette file. Palette files must be located in Palettes folder inside My Nes folder. Click on Add link to add more files there. Use the combobox to choose one of the palette files available.

Generator tab:
Allows to change generator settings.

  • Edit palette of: choose the generator to edit. NTSC or PAL.
  • Colors: allows to edit the generator color options such as Saturation, Hue ...etc
  • Load / Save: to save or load color settings to file(s).
  • Default: set color settings to My Nes default settings.
  • Flat: flat all colors to flat value. 


  • Use Save button to save and apply. Use Cancel button to discard changes. Use the Save Palette as .pal button to save current palette (in view) as .pal file.
  • My Nes can read both 64 colors palette and 512 colors palette. Also My Nes can save 64 and 512 colors palette.
  • NTSC palette generator is used for DENDY TV format (if chosen) as well.
  • Palette files must be located in Palettes folder inside My Nes folder. Adding palette files (using Add link above) will copy palette files to that folder.