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This tab can be used to show and/or manage game Manual.

  1. Add button: to add more manual files for selected game.
  1. Delete selected: to delete selected manual (in view) from database (and from disk optionally)
  1. Delete all: to delete all manuals for selected game form database (and from disk optionally)
  1. Open button: to open the manual using default Windows PDF viewer.
  1. Open location button: to open folder and select the manual file using the Windows Explorer.
  1. Previous: to show the previous manual.
  1. Selected manual number / total manuals count for selected game.
  1. Next: to select the next manual. 


  • Adding and/or deleting manuals form the database can't be undone and get saved directly.
  • You can use drag-and-drop to drag and drop manual files from Windows Explorer to the tab. This will be considered as Add info files.
  • Supported manual file type is .PDF.
  • This tab requires Adobe® Reader installed and set as default pdf handler. See System Requirements  for more.