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The Machine item is located in the main menu of the main window.

  • Toggle Pause (F2): to pause emulation if it is running or to resume emulation if it's already paused.
  • Soft Reset (F3): to soft reset the emulation. Soft reset is just like pressing the reset button on real Nes. Useful for some multicart games (to switch between games) also can be used to reset the game and keep saved data in memory for some games.
  • Hard Reset (F4): to hard reset the emulation. Hard reset is just like turning off real Nes then turn it on with the same game loaded.
  • Shutdown (CTRL+T): turn off the emulation. Useful when you use the Launcher to bring up the Launcher after it get minimized. See Navigating The Launcher

  • Status: to show emulation status, such as the running game name, tv system emulated and FPS. Game Genie ON label appears when Game Genie is active as well.