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My Nes Launcher is one of best features included in My Nes. Launcher is simply a window allows to organize roms with advanced information then run them directly in My Nes main window. 

My Nes Launcher use the power of both SQLite and NesCartDB to organizer and access all available information for rom(s). With SQLite, the ability to store up to thousands of game entries without problems. Hence the SQLite is known by it's stability and power.

Also, My Nes Launcher can generate entries (game entries) using the NesCartDB, which provides almost all available information for almost all known nes games.

In other words, instead of opening the Windows explorer which only show the files without any kind of information like board type, game region, board mapper ..... and then get surprised when a game doesn't work because of it's not supported ....etc
The Launcher solve this problem and a lot of other of problems. Simply, all games organized in a table with all available information, along with user related information included such as game rating, how many times it get played, time played ....etc

One other problem solved is the archive files. The archive files which store more than one file for the same game, each file may represents a version for that game for specific region, version of game dump ...etc
Dealing with such files in normal way (CTRL + O to open file, browse for the game compressed file then open) can be annoying sometimes specially when a famous game is compressed such as Super Mario Bros. This game compressed file include more than 100 files ....
The Launcher is capable to extract the archive file, adding files inside the archive file as entries during the Assign/Add files process. Later, you'll able to access games (with information) inside the archive file at the Launcher while the files is (still) located inside the archive itself!!

For example, Super Mario Bros compressed file may include 100 file. In the Launcher these files will be added as entries (100 entry, you can access information, rate each one ...etc) and then when you want to play one of them, just double click on that entry then My Nes Launcher will take care of extracting and preparing the game for you !!

Setting up the Launcher will take some time at the first time depending on your roms collection and file types. After that, you'll be amazed that it's worth that time!

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