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My Nes is A Nintendo Entertainment System / Family Computer (Nes/Famicom) emulator written in C#. My Nes is meant to be simple, powerful and accurate Nes emulator.

My Nes is open source .net freeware, licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE; Version 3, 29 June 2007.

My Nes can pass all basic nes tests that test nes hardware behaviors, such as cpu 6502 instructions, ppu timing .... etc. However, My Nes pass most of these tests (known at development time of current version) without any kind of HACKING (changing some code to make a test pass), by emulating the exact hardware behavior.
For example, My Nes can pass cpu interrupt tests (cpu_interrupts_v2 by Shay Green <>) by emulating cpu cycle timing and interrupts check at the next half of cpu cycle. Same for DMA behavior, Sprite 0 Hit, Sprite overflow flags, APU length counter and IRQ ....etc

My Nes also implements the NTSC/PAL video generator (palettes), enjoy the nes real colors !

If you are looking for a simple Nes emulator provides accuracy that very close to the real hardware, My Nes is a one worth a try !

Also, compatibility is one of the key features, My Nes implements about 90% of documented boards and mappers which are needed to run more games. All mappers and boards included are implemented exactly as documented.

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