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Allows to edit control mappings between Nes and pc. My Nes support DirectInput (Keyboard and Joystick) and Xinput (XBOX 360 controllers or any device that can be recognized as XInput controller).

How to configure mappings generally:

  1. On the left list, select the device you like to configure.
  1. On the right list. Select the device to use or selected Nes device. Keyboard should be selected by default.
  1. In the right list, the keys should be listed in a list box. Select the desired button from the list then click Set button.
  1. A small box should appear next to the Set button, press the key from selected device (see Step 2) or click on the Cancel button on that box to discard.
  1. Repeat the steps 3-4 to change more keys if you want.
  1. You can use the Set All button which will loop through all buttons and allows to set them one by one.


  • Use OK button to save and apply. Use Cancel button to discard changes.
  • Selected device for Nes device (i.e. keyboard, joystick ..etc) is the one that will be used in run time. For example, for Player 1 joypad you can use the Keyboard while you can use the Joystick for Player 2.
  • When you map a Joystick (or any of Plug And Play controls) to one of the Nes devices, then you disconnected that Joystick, you'll need to select the device to use again for that Nes device. For example, if you map Joystick for Player 1 joypad then you disconnect that Joystick, you'll need to change device used for Player 1 joypad again otherwise this Nes device will be ignored.

    But , using the Auto switch to keyboard option (which it's set by default), My Nes will change automatically to keyboard when a device is dissconnected (not found). For example: if you map Joystick for Player 1 joypad then you disconnect that Joystick with Auto switch to keyboard is set, you'll be able to use the keyboard for player 1 instead and you don't need to change device used for Player 1 joypad again. Anyway if the joystick is re-connected in this case, My Nes will choose Joystick and work normally.