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The info tab can be used to show and edit game info. More than one info file can be assigned to the same game.

  1. New button: use this button to create new info file for selected game. After you save the file, you can edit it using the tab as well.
  1. Save button: to save current info file. Use it after finishing editing the info file.
  1. Add button: to add more (already saved) info files to the database for selected game.
  1. Delete button: delete selected info file from the database (and from disk optionally)
  1. Delete all button: delete all info files for selected game form database (and from disk optionally).
  1. Detect TGDB: get info from, which may be provided for selected game as Overview. This will search for Overview data, allow to save it then assign it as Info for selected game.

  2. Edit button: to edit selected info file using default Windows application for editing.
  1. Open location button: to open and select the current info file using Windows Explorer.
  1. Previous button: select the previous info file.
  1. Show current info file number / total info files count for selected game.
  1. Next button: select the next info file.


  • Adding and/or deleting info files form the database can't be undone and get saved directly.
  • You can use drag-and-drop to drag and drop info files from Windows Explorer to the tab. This will be considered as Add info files.
  • Supported info file types are: .txt , .rtf and .doc