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Improve Performance With Frame Skip

There are some ways to improve performance, the best way is to reduce the video rendering FPS which it should be 60 FPS (frames per seconds) for NTSC TV system and 50 FPS for PALB/DENDY. Hence the video renderer run on separated thread.

For example, instead of rendering 60 FPS the emu render 30 FPS, that's means it need half power than need with 60 FPS. This may improve performance slightly.

  • Go to Settings>Frame Skip then choose the skip number ranged 0-9. 0 means no frame skip.
  • Larger skip number means more frames get skipped and may improve performance.


  • Frame Skip may help improve performance, not necessary improve performance. Performance leak may cause by other issues.
  • Frame Skip never affect emulation engine itself. Nes emulation engine will be rendering as it should, the frame skip only affect the video renderer.
  • The video renderer run on separated thread.