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Game Genie

The Game Genie was a device that allowed gamers to cheat by adjusting the way the code is executed. To use Game Genie in My Nes:

My Nes allows to enter more than one Game Genie code for the same game at once. To add new code to the list:

  1. Make sure Active Game Genie is enabled in the left bottom corner of the Game Genie window.
  2. Use the numeric buttons to enter the Game Genie code then click add.
    For example, enter SXIOPO for Super Mario Bros game to get unlimited lives.
  3. Enter the code comment in the message dialog then click ok.
  4. Make sure the code is checked in the list, only checked codes work.
  5. Repeat the previous steps to add more codes if you like to.
  6. Click OK button to save and apply.


  • Game Genie list get cleared on emulation shutdown or game change. Not effected by Hard/Soft Reset.
  • You can save/load Game Genie codes list as/from files. Use Save List/Load List buttons in the Game Genie window to do so.