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First Time Launching The Launcher

When you open the Launcher for the first time, it will ask you create new database.

  • To open the Launcher window, go to File>Launcher or press CTRL+Q.

In the first Launcher run:

  • A window labeled "Create Database" will be opened, enter the new database name in the Database name field.
  • You can change the database file location via ".." button. The default location is inside My Nes folder.
  • Generate entries from NesCartDB: enabling this option will make the Launcher generate entries from NesCartDB. That's mean all games listed in NesCartDB will be added as entries in the new created database.

On NesCartDB generating:

If you enabled the option Generate entries from NesCartDB, the Launcher will start the generate process. This may take few minutes depending on pc speed and NesCartDB size. When done, the Launcher will be opened with all NesCartDB games listed. This is useful to fill the table with all available game information from NesCartDB such as game Developer, game Publisher ...etc.

If you choose not to generate the NesCartDB entries, the Launcher will be opened immediately with empty list. You'll need to add or assign files later to use the Launcher.


For the first time, after generating the NesCartDB entries, you'll notice these entries marked as X in front of each entry (game). That means this game is not ready to be played yet because of there is no file assigned to it yet. The next step: Adding And Assigning Files